Spotlight August – Wanda Haverly and September – C Powel South 2016

20161018_172712-1Spotlight on Powel South (CP South)

Powel has been a member of the First Baptist Church his entire life.  He sat in pew “47′ with his Mother.  His Grandfather paid for the stained glass windows in our sanctuary.

Powel was married to Jeraldine for 61 years.  They had two sons and a daughter.,  He is the proud Grandfather of 5 grandchildren and 9 great-grand children.  Powel built his own home.  He and Jeraldine dug the cellar by hand to save $45.00  He cut down the pines on his property and made the pine paneling that is still in his living room today.

Powel worked for Duplex Construction for 45 years, beginning when he graduated from high school.  He began as an apprentice carpenter and worked his way through the ranks to become Vice President of the company.  His field experience was equivalent to that of a civil engineer.

Throughout the years Powel has held many responsible office in the Church.  He was chairman of the Deacons for 18 years:  Vice_Moderator, Moderator, Member of the Board of Christian Education.  He took the youth camping each summer.  He also with his good friend Bo Bolster went to Glens Falls Hospital each week visiting members.  Today, Powel still remains active on the worship committee working with ushers.  Throughout the years. Powel has always strived to give “wise council” to the church on any construction or repair issues.

When asked about his passion in life two themes emerged.  The first was his lay ministry and the second was his service in the Queensbury Central Fire Company.  Powel took lay preacher course in the late 60’s from Reverend WIse.  From then on he preached all over the area as needed.  He went to North Creek, Minerva, Whitehall, Granville, Hartford, Comstock, Fort Edward, Glens Falls and West Mountain Community Church.

His second great passion was his 64 year membership in the Queensbury Central Fire Company.  For 39 of those years Powel served as Chaplain of the Company..  He has done many services for fire fighters from all five Queensbury Fire Companies. He thoughtfully spoke from the heart and tried to tie scriptures to the person to make it personal and meaningful to the family.

When asked about a favorite scripture he mentioned two.  The 23rd Psalm and Psalm 103.  He quoted Psalm 103, “He fills my life with good things.”  Powel feels blessed and he is a blessing to us all.  He is a man who wakes up every morning with gratitude in his heart that God had given him another day.

Spotlight on Wanda Haverly

An artist, teacher, leader, organizer, hostess, volunteer and server.  These are the qualities that come to mind when thinking of Wanda Haverly.

She has a true Victorian spirit.  She loves tea parties, getting dresses up, and hats of all kinds.  She enjoys hosting gatherings and feeding people in an elegant way with attention to detail.

Her passion in life has been her art; especially her porcelain art or china painting.  Wanda has taught painting her entire life.  She is a member of the New York Organization of China Painters and was president of this organization in 1978-1979.  In fact she held the annual state convention in the Queensbury Hotel during her presidency.

Wanda’s whole being has been on service and devotion.  She volunteered in the Church Thrift Shoppe for several years with her good friend Betsy Addision.

The church ladies restroom needed refurbishing.  Wanda asked permission from the Trustees and then set about getting it painted, installing a new mirror and with Ken Gnade’s help  having a new vanity installed.  She also placed flower arrangements on the vanity and has changed them periodically.

Wanda organized the “Harvest Luncheons” as a project to foster harmony and working together among our members.  With the proceeds of the luncheons, she spearheaded the purshasing of new pew cushions, re-carpeting the sanctuary and purchasing the dining chairs.  She also led in replacing the church sign, and buying new serving tables for the fellowship hall.

She has served as chairperson of the Fellowship Committee for several years overseeing all of the many and varied functions that we have had.

She also has given presentations at various times.  One American Baptist Ministry’s evening she used the analogy of God being the potter and she being the clay.  How during her life God has re-molded and shaped her.  Always thinking that He was not finished with her and that she was ever evolving.  A powerful testimony.

She also gave a course at the Presbyterian Church calla “The Challenge of Being Widowed.”  She has had an interesting journey.

Wanda has done so many things, too many yo recall them all.  Above all she has lived a Christian life with generosity of spirit.  She embodies a “Servant Heart.”