Spotlight December 2016 – Millie West

Millie is a beautiful Child of God.  She radiates her love of Christ in all her waking hours.  She lives by His Word with thankfulness and gratitude.

Millie was married to Donald West for 27 years,  He has been gone now for 47 years. She said of her husband, “He was one Good Man.”  She met through a friend when she was introduced as the new hair dresser in Hudson Falls.

She and Donald had three children.  Millie is now the grand matriarch of a bustling family with eight grandchildren and eight grandchildren.  Compassion, support and harmony are very important to her in her relationships with her family.

Millie has played an active role in the church all of her life,.  She taught Sunday School, and was the Sunday Superintendent with over 20 children.  She was on the Board of Trustees and she was also a Deaconess.  Millie was head cook in our FBC kitchen for many years,  She also cooked for the Men’s Fellowship every month.  Today Millie regularly makes homemade baked beans for ABWM’s coverage dish suppers and for our LARAC bake sales.

When Millie was asked what her favorite Bible verses are she replied Psalms 1, 23, 27 and 121.  She said they stick with me.  Psalm 91 was important to her when Don was in World War II.  Her favorite hymn is “Beneath the Cross of Jesus.”

Millie’s passion in life is Praying for Peace, Love and Surrendering to Christ.  A prayer that Millie often recites to herself is the Angel Prayer.  This is intentional and has helped her day by day.

Angel Prayer

Angel of God, My Guardian Dear

To Whom God;s Love Commits Me Here

Ever This day be at my side

To light and guard to rule and guide